History of Metropolitan NYC

By  Published Sep 27th, 2016

The history of Metropolitan New York City is one that spans hundreds of years and involved many battles and changes along the way. In 1524 Giovanni da Verrazzano became the first European visitor to the area. Many years later the Dutch established a permanent colony on the present day New York City area in 1609. This began a historic time in our country. The area was strategically located and was made into a major port.

Because of this prime location, many critical battles were fought and almost lost but in the case of General George Washington he managed to fend off the attempted British invasion, but just barely. These battle took place during the birth of our nations in 1776.This series of famous battles are what changed the course of history for The United States and were significant in the struggle to free the country from British rule. New York City is of great historical significance in the creation of the country. The turning point in the beginning of the country started where Metropolitan New York City now stands.

Because the area was the epicenter for much of the development of the country, many people flocked to this area. There was a large port that allowed access to many incoming products as well as a way for immigrants to enter this country. Many of the immigrants settled in the city because they had no way to travel further and there were many labor jobs for those that could work because the city was growing so rapidly. The great diversity that came from other countries became what is now the culturally diverse framework of one of the largest cities in the world. Because so many refugees and those seeking freedom fled to this country through New York the city is a complex mosaic of backgrounds and cultures that define the ideals of being American. New York City is now a sprawling metropolis that has just about any type of business and residential areas you can think of. There is just about every culture and background that can be found in the world represented there.