Annual Events in Metropolitan NYC

By Robert P.  Published Sep 20th, 2016

When people think of Metropolitan New York City images of tall skyscrapers, a city that never sleeps, and bustling city streets instantly come to mind. One of the largest cities on earth, New York City has no shortage of attractions to keep anyone busy. What are some of the seasonal happenings that residents and tourists alike look forward to most? Check out some of these popular recurring events below!

Why not start with the first day of the year? The ball dropping in Times Square is the first site of the year many people see in TV or in person! People from all over the world make the trek to New York City every year just to witness this shiny sphere slide down an enormous pole on top of a skyscraper to mark the flipping of the calendar. If you're looking for the biggest party of the year, look no further than Times Square on New Year's. This isn't something to be missed!

Flipping now to the other side of the calendar, pretty much everyone knows the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. This massive celebration the morning of Thanksgiving is what money people wake up to on turkey day. Why not come visit in person and see these giant cartoon inflatables for yourself? With such classics as Charlie Brown, Shrek, SpongeBob, and even Pikachu without a doubt this will bring back many memories for both adults and kids alike! Best of all you can work up an appetite before the largest meal of the year!

Less than a month later, Christmas season is in the air and people flock to Metropolitan New York City for the tree lighting festival in Rockefeller Square. One of the largest Christmas trees on Earth, the tree lighting ceremony in Rockefeller is one of the most popular annual events of the year. Some of the most beautiful lights can be seen adorning this massive tree to the awe and wonder of everyone around. If you're planning a holiday trip to New York City, this should definitely be added to the list! What better way to celebrate the Christmas cheer?